Monday, March 12, 2012

ISC Computer Science Theory Paper - Structure

ISC Computer Science Theory Paper

(Attempt all questions)
Ques 1. Questions based on Boolean Algebra, Prepositional Logic
(5 sub-parts * 2 = 10 marks)
Ques 2. Questions based on Array address calculation, Implementation of Stacks in Algebraic
expression, interface, dynamic binding, exception, computation complexity
Ques 3. Output question have 2 parts of 5 marks each (Atleast one based on recursion)

Section A (Attempt any three questions)

Ques 4. Question based on K-Map along with logic gate circuit (1 SOP and 1 POS)
Ques 5. Question based situation - Draw truth table, Reduce using K-Map and draw logic circuit
Ques 6. Question based on Hardware - Half and Full Adder, Decoder, Encoder and Multiplexer
Ques 7. Question on Truth table, Prepositional logic and Laws of Boolean Algebra

Section B (Attempt any two questions)
Ques 8. Object passing / general programs
Ques 9. Strings / Array
Ques 10. Recursion

Section C (Attempt any two questions)
Ques 11. Inheritance
Ques 12. Stacks / Queue
Ques 13. Binary Tree (Tree traversal) and Algorithm on Linked List


shubham said...

Sir, which programs should we practice for Q3) b) part,that is the fill in the blank question??

DKS said...

armstrong or automorphic or special number

Sosha said...

Sir, Which are the probable questions for 2016 ISC Computer Theory. Can you please simplify Linked List programes?